Arco from Brinca Dada is one of five new "Colortoys" that allow children to explore the basics of color while developing their fine motor skills and learning to think in three-dimensions.

Arco (from the Italian word Arcobaleno for "rainbow") is a puzzle and a construction set rolled into one. Children nest the asymmetrical arches into a round tray, solve structural problems, and tap their imaginations to create bridges, spiral house, tigers with red tails and other fascinating forms.

Arco was designed by renowned toy designer and early childhood education expert, Karen Hewitt of Learning Materials Workshop. Previously available to schools and other educational institutions, Arco is now available to the public through a partnership with Brinca Dada.

Arco's awards include...
- Dr. Toy's Best Classic Toy Award
- Parent's Choice Award

  • Materials: Beechwood and non-toxic, lead-free paints.
  • Designer: Karen Hewitt for Learning Materials Workshop
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