The Stunt Brothers Parachutists is a toy that teaches kids basic principles of physics, offers them the timeless benefits of play and puts good design in their hands.

Each toy in the Stunt Brothers line uses the concept of a stunt show as a vehicle to teach basic principles of physics and other sciences. The Parachutists help kids learn about gravity and comes with a booklet which provides experiments that kids can do to help solidify the concept in their minds.

Beyond teaching about gravity, the Parachutists are simply fun and children gain many important attributes from open-ended play like confidence, trust, curiosity and willingness to try new things.

Finally, the Parachutists feature high-quality materials and were created with the intent of exposing children to good design.

Winner of Creative Child Magazine's 2013 Seal of Excellence Award

  • Designer - Atlason Design + Doug Rollins
  • In The Box - Two Parachutists, Landing Target and Booklet.
  • Winner - Creative Child Magazine's 2013 Seal of Excellence Award
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